About Aberdeen.pm

Aberdeen.pm is the Aberdeen, Scotland chapter of the Perl Mongers organisation. Perl Mongers is a worldwide association of perl user groups, and in the coming weeks and months, it's hoped that Aberdeen.pm will get off the ground as an honest-to-goodness perl user group for Aberdeen and the Aberdeenshire area. Anyone is free to join, although face-to-face meeting is of course restricted to members in the Aberdeen area at the time of the meeting :)

It is hoped that regular meetings, online tutorials, and of course, lively discourse (not necessarily related to perl) on the mailing list will ensue.

At present, Aberdeen.pm is managed by Gavin henry, of Suretec Systems Ltd., whose contact details are available as the manager of Aberdeen.pm on www.pm.org

This site is managed via Suretec's Subversion site.

You can view it the standard way, here, or via WebSVN, here.

To check it out via the svn command, type:

svn co http://svn.suretecsystems.com/suretec/aberdeen.pm aberdeen.pm.org

Where, aberdeen.pm.org is the folders name that you wish to create to save the file in.

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Many Thanks to Dave O Connor, of the Dublin.pm, for letting me steal his site templates for a temporary site.

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